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MT Tumbler 500 MED

Safety and hygiene for medical producers

The MT Tumbler 500 MED is designed for licensed producers with cGMP requirements. It is designed and manufactured in our facilities in Europe, where we always work under CE quality standards and the most demanding regulations, adding to the MT Tumbler 500 MED the technology, design, materials and finishes in stainless steel for the trimming of medical cannabis, complying with food quality and GMP requirements, as well as IQ and OQ certifications.

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Standard Leaf Collector

Quick and easy installation

The Standard Leaf Collector aspirator consists of a simple and efficient suction system. It has a powerful 1500 W / 2 HP motor for sucking up leaves and a sound level of only 81 dB.

The aspiration system sucks the leaves from the trimmer and conveys them through the suction tube to be deposited in the leaf collection bag.

The leaf collection bag consists of a bag made of polyethylene, a type of thermoplastic polymer, which prevents any type of material (flowers, resin) from escaping its walls.

The Standard Leaf Collector is compatible with trimmers:

MT Tumbler 500 & MT Tumbler 500 MED.

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Master Sorter 500

Sort your cannabis flowers by size.

The Master Sorter 500 is a hemp and cannabis flower size sorter designed to be perfectly integrated into the workflow of the automated post-harvest line or to be used individually.

It sorts cannabis flowers according to sizes. Thanks to its more than 2 meters of sorting surface, 9 sorting belts and the possibility to sort into more than 7 sizes, the Master Sorter 500 it’s the most versatile machine in the industry.

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MB Bucker 500 MED

Debudder & chipper 2 in 1!

The MB Bucker 500 MED is the first debudder machine on the market that meets 100% GMP requirements. It is equipped with a unique and innovative system that lets you completely separate the rollers and the cutting blade part, with no need for tools! You can easily clean it reaching all the corners of the equipment, without leaving any dirt in any part. It also has a liquid collection system, avoiding splashing and depositing it for removal.

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Cleaning in one-touch

The Master Sonic 500 is a washing machine that uses the most advanced Ultrasonic technology to obtain a total cleaning of your equipment by only pushing a button.

Post-harvest equipment accumulates debris and dirt from processed plants caused by the intensive use. The cleaning is essential for proper operation and for the GMP requirements. Adding a Master Sonic 500 in your cleaning procedures, will reduce labor costs making the cleaning and maintenance tasks easier and more efficient, gaining in safety and productivity for your team.

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Trim Filter

Leaves in perfect condition

Powerful aspirator for your MT Tumbler 500 & 500MED. Highly effective thanks to the innovation of the new cyclonic separation, with a powerful 2250W / 3hp suction motor and only 79 dB. Leaves do not pass through the turbine of the Trim Filter, benefiting from:

  1. Reduced maintenance. Reduces the time spent cleaning the turbine by 90%.
  2. Leaves in perfect condition. Process them without damaging them, preserving their properties for later use for extraction.

Its use is suitable for installations with cGMP requirements. The various components of the powerful aspirator are also food-certified.

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Input Conveyor Belt

Up to 30% production

Designed to automate and increase the performance of the Tumbler models, you can reach up to 30% higher production rate. With the input conveyor belt speed regulator, you will maintain a constant and optimum feed rate according to the needs of your flowers. This belt is certified for food-grade use and GMP compliance.

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Lift Conveyor

Automatize Your Production

The “Lift Conveyor” is a belt conveyor that enables the constant feeding of different machines such as the Master Sorter 500 flower sorter, the MT Tumbler 500 trimmer or the MT Tumbler 500 MED trimmer.

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Increase your production with a tandem or production line.

Simple and easy installation of the system as a complement to the MT Tumbler. They allow you to adjust the inclination of the machines to adapt the trimming speed according to the variety to be processed (structure), conditions (humidity level) and machine condition (maintenance and trimming adjustment).

Compatible with:

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