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Master Trimmer MT Gentle 50 & 75

Preserves the beauty and quality of your flowers

Designed for producers who are looking for more independence while maintaining quality, the MT Gentle offers a level of automation up to 20 kg/h thanks to its food grade silicone finger system. These fingers move the flowers over the grid as gently as up to 15 operators working at the same time, achieving high cutting accuracy while preserving the shape and structure of the flower.

In addition to its robust design made of high quality stainless steel, the power of its geared motor allows you to work intensively no matter the size of the flowers, avoiding having to stop production due to problems with the motor. The MT Gentle is easy to use and is designed for quick and easy maintenance.

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Master Bucker MB Bucker 200

High production in less space

The MB Bucker 200 debudder is designed to separate large quantities of flowers from fresh, recently harvested, branches and also from dried raw material. Thanks to the three heads included in your purchase and the speed regulator, you can adapt the machine to process any variety and material condition.

Its compact design and adjustable anti-vibration feet enable it to be easily installed and adapted, without tools, on any work table.

The MB Bucker 200 is ready to be placed on any work table without any tools. Its compact design of only 43 x 48 x 60 cm allows large quantities to be processed in a small space.

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MB Bucker 500

The debudder for large productions

At Master Products we make your work easier by automatizing the work of separating the cannabis flowers from de branches with our professional bucker. The Master Bucker 500 offers a production of 65 kg/h, equivalent to the work of 15 people. Wet or dry, thanks to its different heads types and speed control you can preserve the shape and size of the cannabis flowers.

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Standard Leaf Collector

Quick and easy installation

The Standard Leaf Collector aspirator consists of a simple and efficient suction system. It has a powerful 1500 W / 2 HP motor for sucking up leaves and a sound level of only 81 dB.

The aspiration system sucks the leaves from the trimmer and conveys them through the suction tube to be deposited in the leaf collection bag.

The leaf collection bag consists of a bag made of polyethylene, a type of thermoplastic polymer, which prevents any type of material (flowers, resin) from escaping its walls.

The Standard Leaf Collector is compatible with trimmers:

MT Tumbler 500 & MT Tumbler 500 MED.

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MT Pocket

The smallest of the trimmers

The smallest of the family, made from stainless steel and with a diameter of 25 cm, it is designed to quickly turn any space into a trimming room. Its anchoring system allows it to be attached to any table without the need for screws or tools.

The MT Pocket is capable of processing 4 kg/h of fresh flowers with a high cutting quality, allowing you to do the equivalent work of 3 people.

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MT Dry 200

Take it wherever you go!

The MT Dry 200 is designed to process dried cannabis flowers, in a compact version, perfect for a comfortable transport.

Ideal for small and medium sized growers, it has been created to offer high performance in a small and light machine, with an optimal finish of the processed product.

Portable. Silent. Versatile.

Easy to assemble and clean.

Always ready to reach productions of up to 3,5 kg / h.

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MT Tumbler 200 Pro

High Production in a small space.

Each variety to be processed is different and for this reason, at Master Products, we have decided to manufacture different models of MT Tumbler 200. One with barrel and blade speed regulators, which will allow you to adapt to the conditions of your product and treat each flower differently according to its needs.

MT 200 Pro is designed for trimming large amounts of cannabis with minimal working space. Its qualities make it an efficient machine with a high quality cut, equal to that of manual cutting.

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MT Tumbler 500

For producers who are looking to grow.

The MT Tumbler 500 features the most advanced technology for trimming cannabis and hemp. It is designed to process a large amount of product with excellent cutting quality.

The trimmer has a 304 stainless steel barrel that prevents accumulation and dragging of the cannabis flowers, preserving their quality.

The blade is made of tempered steel with food-grade, non-stick treatment and the 11-blade reel is capable of performing 320 cuts per second. In this way, it can reach the quality of manual trimming, giving the excellent treatment of cannabis flowers expected by the most demanding growers.

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