ISN A and B Supreme Grow

ISN Supreme Grow is designed for Rapid and Strong plant growth, formulated for optimum health ensuring Fast and Robust growth whilst producing a strong frame able to hold Heavy flowers, aids nutrient uptake and improved cation exchange in the rootzone and produces resilient plants.

ISN Supreme Bloom

ISN Supreme Bloom is designed for maximum flower enhancement, abundant in potassium and phosphorus, enriched with organic fulvic acid and vitamin B1, ISN Supreme Bloom supplies the specific needs of flowering plants creating results that need to be seen to be believed!

ISN Amino Gold

ISN Amino Gold is a flower formation super-charger! By supplying a range of Amino acids plants produce endogenous Enzymes which are catalysts to speed up cellular chemical reactions and energy production.

ISN Microbe Boost* Organics

ISN Microbe is the army that provides protection from dysbiosis of the root zone minimising the risk of root disease, resulting in overall improved plant health and stronger plants.

ISN Seaweed

ISN Seaweed is certified organic and cold-pressed thus provides a rich source of natural enzymes, minerals, hormones, soluble carbon, sugars, organic vitamins and minerals.

ISN Fulvic Max

ISN Fulvic Max ensures efficient nutrient uptake through its unique ability to form multiple strong bonds with mineral salts, providing a buffer against salts and other toxicities.

ISN Solid’as Potash

ISN Solid’as Potash is a flowering enhancer that increases both size and mass significantly! Produced in Australia from pharmaceutical grade ingredients; ISN Solid’as is a potassium and phosphorus based nutrient that is essential to flower formation, heavy fruit setting and contains a full spectrum of micro elements.

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